One for All and All for Lunch
Book No. 11
Written by Michael Lawrence
Published by Orchard Books
Cover Artist Ellis Nadler
Publication Date 2009
Pages 247
Followed by Rudie Dudie
Preceded by Kid Swap

Synopsis Edit

One for all and all for lunch!

In these five stories, Jiggy, Angie and Pete - the 21st century's own Three Musketeers - all tell their own tales, as does Jiggy's insane cat, Stallone!

Contents Edit

One for All and All for Lunch is an anthology book containing five separate short stories, each presented as though written by a character from the series.

  1. The Bogey Man by Jiggy McCue
  2. Grandpa's Extra Hole by Pete Garrett
  3. Twinklystink by Angie Mint
  4. Fur and Feathers: My Hard Life by Stallone the Cat
  5. Shelling Pees by Jiggy McCue