The Curse of the Poltergoose
Book No. 1 (Before Relaunch)

5 (After Relaunch)

Written by Michael Lawrence
Published by Orchard Books
Cover Artist Ellis Nadler
Publication Date 1999 (Republished 2009)
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Followed by Nudie Dudie
Preceded by The Snottle


It's Jiggy's birthday and he got something he didn't want at all—haunted by a goose ghost! Something's after Jiggy McCue! Something big and angry and invisible. Something which hisses and flaps and stabs his bum and generally tries to make his life a misery. Where did it come from? And, more importantly, will Jiggy and Co ever be able to make the poltergoose go away?


The Curse of the Poltergoose is the fifth book of the relaunched Jiggy McCue Series. Before the relaunch, the book was first in the series, and was the first published overall. The book was first published with the simpler title The Poltergoose.